SPOKANE, Wash --- The Inland Northwest should be able to see a meteor shower on August 12.

A viewer - Carla Gammel Scott of Valley, Washington - asked if it would be considered the "brightest meteor shower in human history" after she saw a photo making that claim on Facebook.

The answer is both yes and no. There is a meteor shower happening on August 12, it is called the Perseid Meteor Shower. It is an annual event, so we can see it every year. Also, this year may not be the brightest, because the moon will be so bright and will be competing with the meteor shower.

The Perseid is known as one of the brightest meteor showers, the meteors are the size of a grain of sand and light up once they hit the earth’s atmosphere. They are traveling at approximately 130-thousand miles per hour.

For the best view get away from the city lights to roll out a blanket or put down a lawn chair. Many astronomers suggest the best time to watch the shower is just before dawn.

This is not the only space event that is happening in August either. The solar eclipse is on August 21. These events are nine days apart, so enjoy skywatchers!