SPOKANE, Wash. – It has been more than ten months since Spokane Veterans Affairs Doctor John Marshall was found dead on the bank of the Spokane River.

In the near-year after his death, his wife Suzan Marshall is nowhere closer to getting the answers she needs.

“The two kids, are doing the best they can I think in so many ways they lost their mom and their dad,” she said, “and I’m not the same person that I was a year ago today.”

Some speculated it was suicide, the medical examiner listed Marshall’s death as an accident.

“You absolutely know it’s not a suicide,” Marshall said. “No one works out in the weight room and then goes and kills themselves and then is ready to see 30 patients with his work clothes in his bag, no note, no mental history, no medications.”

The Spokane Police Department is no longer actively investigating.

“I haven’t found a single agency with jurisdiction or involved in this case who’s even willing to look at any evidence,” Marshall said.

Marshall questions why nobody seems interested in knowing what happened. She said everyone she has hired to look into the case does not believe this was an accident.

Private Investigator Ted Pulver said the analyst hired to look at the clothing John was wearing at the time of his death said it shows he was assaulted.

“They’ve concluded that there was a strong blow with some sort of instrument,” Pulver said. “I think that the individuals that did it have medical or military background, or law enforcement background,” he said.

Pulver believes there are at least two people involved with the death of Marshall.

Police had never said anyone was involved in Marshall’s death, and soon the case will be featured on an upcoming episode of Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen.

Suzan said she hopes the episode will help bring attention to her husband’s case so she can find out what really happened in the hours he went missing.