SPOKANE, Wash. – Whitworth student, Danny Butler, won big on a Price is Right episode that aired last month, but his passion for games shows doesn’t stop there. In 6th grade, Butler started creating and hosting his own versions of popular game shows. Now a senior in college, he looks back on the 17 game shows he has hosted.

“Game shows are my sport. People watch basketball, the players, know the strategies. Well this is me and game shows,” he said.

In his home town of Walla Walla on his third season of the Amazing Race he had 40 teams and ten local businesses participating. He took that success to Whitworth and hosted the game 5 times to help freshman get to know Spokane.

For many of his game shows he has a camera crew to capture every dramatic moment and a website to gain participants. “I am known as an evil host. I look forward to continuing that with my final game show this upcoming semester,” he said. He is gearing up for a competition based on the show The Mole. His version will have a couple of different twists of course.

The dream for Danny is to use his engineering and mathematics degree to design challenges for Survivor. In addition to that, he hopes to have his own show be played by millions one day. “I have sent in a game show idea of an original to NBC that I completely created,” Danny excitedly shared.

“Ultimately I would love to do the Amazing Race with my Mom. I know she's like no I am not going to do any of the height challenges, but I know when she is up there she would totally bungee jump for a million dollars,” said Danny.

He has big plans for his future. “I am going to end up applying for Survivor, Amazing Race, and Big Brother.”