SPOKANE, Wash. – A viewer reached out to us on Sunday night wanting to know why dozens of damaged headstones were scattered behind the Dwight Merkel Sports Complex.

We had no idea why they were there, so we set out to find the answer.

It turns out, the area where the headstones were found is owned by Fairmount Memorial Park.

An employee of Fairmount, who would not go on camera, explained that the headstones are there for a variety of reasons such as misspellings, or breaking during transportation or when being set.

Since Fairmount is responsible for replacing them, a new one is made and the broken headstone is added to the pile.

The viewer who sent us the photo also wanted to know why there are headstones of veterans there. The Fairmount employee said honorable discharged veterans will have a headstone commissioned for free by the military.

After it is made though, sometimes family members will instead want something more personalized – and that is when perfectly intact headstones end up in the pile.

Some of the headstones were also damaged from previous windstorms and have since been replaced with new ones.

On Tuesday, we also learned why the concrete looking coffins were there as well. The supervising grounds keeper told KREM 2 that those are "burial vaults" that are designed to protect the actual coffin.

Those burial vaults are there because they too broke when they were being delivered or moved.

As of now, there is still no word on what the official plan for the pile is -- or if they even have one at all.