SPOKANE, Wash. -- We know we're stating the obvious, but it's been wetter than normal lately. The weather has been cooler than normal, too.

February brought an unusual amount of rain, a trend that continued into March and now April.

In fact, go back a little further, and the numbers show the months from October-today brought twice as much rainfall as normal.

Although the gray weather can get a little monotonous, Washington State hydrologists say extra precipitation is great news for a strong water supply in late spring and summer.

The Storm Tracker 2 team breaks down the the current outlook for the summer's water supply:

RECENT WEATHER: February-April were wetter than normal. Rain fell more frequently throughout this period than average, sometimes in record-breaking amounts.

WHAT'S AHEAD: April and the beginning of May look wet and slightly cooler.

SNOWPACK: The Inland NW snowpack levels are awesome! KREM 2's weather department checks in with state snow surveyors every winter season. The NRCS and USGS compare the amount of water contained in samples of mountain snow, or water equivalent, to averages for a particular day. Here's how conditions stack up to previous years:

Eastern WA and portions of the Idaho Panhandle Snowpack

April 20th, 2017: 97%-128% of normal
April 20th, 2016: 90% of normal
April 20th, 2015: 23% of normal

State hydrologists say most of our basins have hit our peak snowpack levels. Spring meltoff will continue into the summer months.RIVERS AND STREAMS: Still flowing quick and high! Some rivers in NE WA are reaching their highest flows on record.DRINKING WATER: Water suppliers say big cities are in great shape.