SPOKANE, Wash. — Red Cross officials said 12 volunteers from Washington state Red Cross chapters are in Texas helping with the aftermath of Tropical Storm Harvey.

At the Spokane Chapter of the Red Cross, volunteers were helping with wildfires around Washington state. Spokane Chapter of the Red Cross Executive Director Megan Snow said the Red Cross needed to manage volunteers for the fires before sending people to Texas.

“We expect in the coming days we are going to send a lot more,” Snow said. “They are ready to get down to Texas to help.”

While some of the volunteers may have never experienced a hurricane or a tropical storm, Snow said Spokane volunteers are prepared when it comes to training.

“We have had a lot of local disasters over the past couple summers,” Snow said. “That’s given our volunteers the training of what it’s like to be in a disaster situation.”

If you are a Red Cross volunteer headed to Texas, Snow said it will not be an easy job.

“This is a disaster zone so you’re looking at 10-12 hours of work per day for 2-3 weeks," the Spokane chapter Executive Director said.

When in these disaster areas, volunteers can have jobs ranging from helping people with their medications to playing with children so parents can take a break.

"But you’re there working primarily with those affected,” Snow said. “We’re bringing hope down there, we’re bringing help as much as possible and we’re there for the long haul.”

If you want to help out in the efforts Tropical Storm Harvey, there are a few different opportunities.

You can text the word “Harvey” to 90999. That action will donate $10 towards efforts for helping those affected by the storm. The donation amount is added to your phone bill.

KREM 2 also has a Help after Harvey fund, partnered with Red Cross.

To donate in person, Red Cross volunteers will be at Spokane Area Rosauers stores from 4-7 p.m. Monday collecting monetary donations. KREM 2 will be at the 29th location on the South Hill helping out.