SPOKANE, Wash. -- As we looked into the developing allegations of sexual assaults swirling around the Massage Envy franchise KREM 2 found some states still do not require massage therapist to have licenses. But that is not case in Washington. In fact, Washington has some pretty high standards for massage therapists.

Washington state requires massage therapists to have a license. To get a license from the state health department students have to complete 500 hours of classroom work and training, pass board exams and pass a criminal background check.

For ten years Rebecca Dragseth has been teaching aspiring massage therapists at her school Therapeutic Connections in Spokane.

"One of the number one reasons why I started a message was to bring awareness of body work and massage therapy and it's healing powers to the community about,” said Dragseth.

Dragseth said one of their main focuses is to make sure students get the right training when it comes to how to appropriately touch clients.

“Because this is an industry where people have to undress to get on the massage table those boundaries are the most important thing and it's important to build trust with your client,” said Dragseth.

She said she uses role play and courses on ethics to give her students what they need to build that trust.

Dragseth said Washington has some pretty high standards for massage therapists.

Idaho has similar standards for licensing massage therapists. Students have to complete 500 hours of courses and training. As well as pass a background check. Idaho has its own massage therapy board that regulates its licensing.