SPOKANE, Wash. – Parking enforcement officers in Spokane will start giving out tickets June 1 for people who plug the meter or stay over the allotted time.

City officials said parking availability is one of the largest challenges they face in congested areas, such as Downtown. They want to remind people that there are time limits on street parking and there are garages and lots available to park in as well.

Back in October 2016, the Spokane City Council passed a resolution to increase times enforcement in the metered areas of the city to help with traffic turnover and increase available parking.

Until June 1, they are running an amnesty program and people caught feeding or plugging the meter or leaving their vehicles at the meter past the maximum time will receive warnings. Then if you are caught, they will give out $10 tickets for plugging meter or $30 tickets for staying over the allotted time of the meter.