SPOKANE, Wash --- Hurricane Harvey relief efforts are a chance for scammers to take your money, we have some tips to see if the money you give actually goes to help.

Washington state Attorney General, Bob Ferguson, and Washington state Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, are trying to help people donate to real charities for hurricane relief.

When there is a natural disaster, scam artists try to take advantage of people’s compassion, said an email from Wyman. Scammers might try and persuade consumers to give money for Hurricane Harvey relief.

Wyman encourages people to check the Office Secretary of State’s Charities Program website to see if charities are real.

Here are some tips:

You are encouraged to be suspicious of solicitors requesting immediate donations.

Do not give in to high-pressure tactics.

Be sure to take time to research the charity.

Check out the organization’s registration status by going to the Charities Program webpage or calling 1-800-332-4483.

Never give out credit card numbers over the phone.

Avoid cash donations.

Be wary of new charities with unverifiable background or contact information.

Do not be fooled by a name, watch out for charities that use sympathetic sounding names or names similar to well-known legitimate charities.

Watch out for requests from fake “victims” or memorial social media accounts.