SPOKANE, Wash. -- Hundreds of volunteers came together Saturday to plant more than a thousand trees along the Spokane River.

Volunteers planted 1,500 trees and shrubs as part of Re-Forest Spokane Day.

The trees are now planted in Kendall Yards.

Saturday's planting is one of the largest tree planting events the Inland Northwest has ever seen.

"It's gonna be a beautiful sight. There's gonna be different structures different layers of trees, we've clustered them so that there will be different species in certain areas. There'll be different colors... I think it'll be a beautiful environment so its really going to add to the aesthetics of Kendall Yards and to the Centennial Trail here," said Kat Hall, the event director.

Experts say it only takes a pair of mature trees to absorb 100 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. So when you factor that in, this planting is a major help for clean air here in Spokane.