SPOKANE, Wash. – Relief organizations from Spokane have deployed people to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Texas.

Hundreds of Red Cross Volunteers from all over the country are on the ground in Houston and that includes volunteers from Washington state.

"I may be here from Washington but I've lost track of the people who are here from other states and other cities around the country,” said American Red Cross volunteer Betsy Robertson.

Robertson is one of the ten Red Cross volunteers from Washington who flew down to Houston. It is her first deployment.

"Honestly I didn't think too much about what was ahead of me I just knew that I was needed that I was available and I was going to find a way to help," she explained.

Robertson is working in Victoria, Texas which is about two hours southwest of Houston. With more rains and high winds expected for the Houston area it is apparent these volunteers are needed more than ever.

"What we have in common is compassion, big hearts and the need to want to give and help people in their worst moments,” Robertson said.

Spokane's American Medical Response sent an emergency response team down to Houston as well. They left Friday. The team could be down there anywhere between one to two weeks.