SPOKANE, Wash. -- Patients from Shriners Hospital for Children had a special visit from the talented violinist Lindsey Stirling. Before her concert at the INB Performing Arts Center, she went from room to room and played a private concert for those who could not leave their hospital bed.

“It's a big inspiration because you get to see your hero come to you and inspire you to do better,” said teenager Hannah Moore from her hospital bed.

“It's really hard this time of year not being able to be home so it's just really cool they came to see us,” shared Hannah’s mother, Sarah Moore.

Lindsey Stirling brought Mark Ballas and his wife Alexander Jean along to perform for the children. Ballas and Stirling were dance partners on the latest season of Dancing with the Stars. Huge smiles were seen on patients and their families faces as they performed in the entryway of the hospital.

“We come to play and hopefully make people smile but we leave inspired,” said Stirling.