U2 fans in Vancouver and Seattle experienced problems with a new security measure from Ticketmaster over the weekend.

Thousands of people were still waiting in line when the opening act, Mumford and Sons, started playing.

Ticketmaster’s new credit card entry system caused the delays; concert-goers had to swipe the card used to buy the tickets to get inside. It was the first time the system had been rolled out.

The new system is designed to prevent scalping, but caused huge problems at the door.

KREM 2 set out to verify that the same thing would not happen at the next big Spokane Arena show.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are slated to perform on Thursday.

The Spokane Arena does not use Ticketmaster, but instead they use TicketsWest, a different company. As of Monday, TicketsWest has not implemented a credit card entry system, which means ticket holders can still use their actual ticket to get into the concert.

So we can verify if you are planning to attend the Tim McGraw and Faith Hill concert this week at the Spokane Arena, you will not need your credit card handy to get in.

Officials from the Spokane Arena still advise fans to get there at least an hour early to the concert to ensure they can get through security and to their seats on time.


Spokane Arena



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