AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. – Several residents in Airway Heights reported water bills with much higher charges than usual.

KREM 2 set out to verify if the water bills were impacted by the water contamination in the area.

Kevin Anderson with the City of Airway Heights said there have been no adjustments to water rates due to the recent PFOS/PFOA contamination.

Additionally, City Manager Albert Tripp said the most recent billing cycle was from April 19 through May 18. The water contamination notice was issued on May 16, so only two days of the billing cycle were affected.

“If a particular water customer saw an unusually high bill, it would be due entirely to water usage,” Anderson said in an email.

Anderson said the majority of the time, high water usage and higher bills are caused by a customer’s own leaky plumbing.

Should a customer submit a request, the city can perform a test of the water meter to make sure that it is not the source of the leak or the potential inaccuracy.

In conclusion, it is verified that water contamination in Airway Heights is not causing an increase in water bills.

Verify Sources:

• Kevin Anderson, City of Airway Heights

• Albert Tripp, Airway Heights City Manager


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