SPOKANE, Wash. – Police are looking for two people accused of walking out of a Shopko with a cart full of shoes and brandishing weapons at people trying to stop them.

A search warrant filed last week shows the pair, a man and woman, walked through Shopko at N. Newport Highway on Aug. 16 and put a bunch of shoes into a cart. Two employees said they notice the couple behaving strangely and offered to help, but were refused.

The man accompanied by the woman pushed the full cart to the exit and despite being asked if he was going to pay for the merchandise, pushed the cart out of the store and into the parking lot, according to witnesses.

“The male pulled out a dark colored pry bar and threatened to strike,” the two employees, according to court documents. The two placed the stolen merchandise into a tan Yukon XL.

A woman in the parking lot said she saw the two walk out of the building followed by several people, and figured they were stealing them. She followed the car around the lot and as it pulled out into the road. She told officers she caught up to the car at a red light, and saw the man get out of his car and walk to the front of her car. She told police the man had pointed the gun at her directly for a few seconds, before she could accelerate her vehicle away from the suspect. She told officers she had no doubt the suspect was going to take a shot at her.

Later, a Spokane County deputy found the suspect vehicle in a church parking lot in Mead. The car was towed to Spokane Police Property Facility, where it was secured pending the application of a search warrant.

A woman called police to tell them “friends” of her son had stolen her elderly mother’s car - the car officers confirmed was involved in the robbery. Police said in court documents they were unable to contact the woman’s son about his friends.

If caught, the two suspects will be charged with second degree robbery and assault.