SPOKANE, Wash. --- The trial for the man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend’s 2-year-old daughter began Wednesday with prosecutors arguing he “lashed out” his anger toward his girlfriend on her toddler.

Jason Obermiller, 32, is accused of killing 2-year-old Adalynn (Addy) Hoyt at a home on Spokane’s South Hill in September. He was taken into custody after several days on the run, when he was located at a lake cabin near Worley.

Addy’s mother, Lovina Rainey told detectives she had left the girl in the care of Obermiller while she went out to party.

Wednesday, the trial for Obermiller began.

“He lashes out in anger on the two-year-old wanting his affection and he assaults Adalyn, and places her in bed like Snow White,” argued Jenny Zappone, the prosecuting attorney in the case.

Addy died from blunt force trauma to her stomach, according to the Medical Examiner’s Office.

"He punched her in the abdomen with such force that a doctor will testify that it is similar to a car crash,” Zappone said Wednesday.

Photo of Addy Hoyt, who died earlier this month in a South Hill home. (Photo courtesy of family)

The defense, on the other hand, said Obermiller and little Addy were “best buds” and that her mother’s story about what happened is not true.

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“I think at the conclusion of this case, you’re going to have a pretty strong idea about who killed Adalynn Hoyt, but you’re going to know it wasn’t Jason Obermiller,” Brian Raymon, the defense attorney said Wednesday.

Rainey, Adalynn’s mother, was arrested shortly after her daughter’s death on federal drug charges. When police responded to the home at the time of Addy's death, they said they also found a large amount of methamphetamine and heroin.

Rainey pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute 50 grams or more of actual (pure) methamphetamine and is scheduled to be sentenced in September.

The defense hopes to prove Rainey, a single mother of four and admitted drug user and seller, did not take good care of her children.

Photo of Addy Hoyt, who died earlier this month in a South Hill home. (Photo courtesy of family)

"She said things to her children like, 'I wish CPS would take you. You eat too much. I can't stand you. I wish you weren't here you are ruining my life and I hate you,” Raymon said Wednesday.

At the trial Wednesday, both sides said tension between Rainey and Obermiller over a drug debt lead up to Addy's murder.

"What's important to know is that these guys began to put intense pressure on Miss Rainey and Jason Obermiller," said Raymon. "They wanted their money...or there would be consequences."

Both Rainey and Obermiller are expected to testify in this case.