SPOKANE, Wash. --- Temperatures were warmer than 80 degrees on Thursday in Spokane, for the first time since September 29, 2016! Highs in Spokane made it all the way up to 82.

Thursday’s high is a little unusual, National Weather Service meteorologists said, due to the fact we had an 80 degree high before a 70 degree one. Wednesday, the high was 69. Things jumped from that to 80 on Thursday.

“Typically we have a high temperature of 70 and it slowly creeps up,” said Mark Turner from NWS on Wednesday. “Typically they’re about a month apart.”

Normally, Spokane hits 70 degrees by April 17, then hits 80 by May 12, Turner said. Thursday temperatures were 12 degrees warmer than Wednesday. We're still expecting thunderstorms possibly Thursday night into Friday and things will be back into the 50s by the weekend, so enjoy the warmth while it lasts!