SPOKANE, Wash. – The American Red Cross in Washington extended the temporary ban on Wednesday to prevent any volunteers from the state to deploy to Texas because of the wildfire danger and red flag warnings still in place.

12 volunteers from Washington have already been deployed, with many more from the Spokane chapter waiting for the next wave of deployment.

“With our volunteers who want to deploy, they are ready and waiting,” Red Cross employee Megan Snow said.

However, wildfire season in the Pacific Northwest is still in full swing with Labor Day Weekend around the corner. Because of this, the American Red Cross put a ban on deploying further volunteers to help with Tropical Storm Harvey’s aftermath.

“They understand that Texas has a big need but Oregon [fires] could flare up, Washington [fires] could flare up and the need still exists somewhere and we can activate them where they are needed most,” Snow explained.

The temporary ban was supposed to be lifted Wednesday, but officials said it had to be extended until the red flag warnings across the state are removed.