SPOKANE, Wash. – A woman who works in the Lincoln Plaza on West Riverside went to check out an alarm in the building Tuesday and was greeted by a naked sweaty man, according to court documents.

A woman who works for the company that owns the Lincoln Plaza told police she received a call from the alarm company around 5:30 p.m. stating something was going on in the building.

The woman went to check out what was going on and went up to the 8th floor and saw that the elevator panel had been pulled down off the wall when she stepped off the elevator. Then, she heard a banging noise and went to the east stairwell. She said she noticed the fire alarm was damaged and wires were pulled off the wall. She told police she heard more noises in the stairwell and walked to a lower level where she was confronted by a “naked sweating man.” According to court documents, the woman said he appeared to be under the influence, so she backed out and called police.

Police responded and arrested the man, later identified as Michael Howard. Court documents said Howard was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and was later booked into jail.

According to court records, there was $750 worth of damage.