SPOKANE, Wash.—A Spokane Valley man now faces first degree rape of a child charges in addition to assault of a child charges.

Court documents showed that a 21-month-old girl was taken to the hospital in November covered in bruises, with two brain bleeds and a collapsed lung after suspected child abuse. An emergency room nurse also ordered a sexual assault kit to be conducted on the child.

Law enforcement officials said detectives interviewed the suspect, Brandon Oquendo at the hospital.

Reports said at the time Oquendo told officials he had hit the child in the abdomen after he “lost his cool.” The detectives said that there was enough evidence on top of that to charge Oquendo with assault of a child in the first degree.

New court documents revealed the screening results of the sexual assault kit. A Forensic scientist at the Washington State Crime Lab said the results showed that there was semen found on the labial and anal swabs that were tested.

Reports said Oquendo spent a lot of time alone with the child and had caused bruising above the vaginal area. Officials asked for a search warrant to gather DNA from inside Oquendo’s mouth to compare to the DNA found on or in the child.

Detectives said they believed Oquendo was the primary suspect for the child’s assault.