SPOKANE, Wash. – Court documents said a man who ran from Spokane Police Monday night said he did it so he could spend the day with his girlfriend because it was her birthday.

Court records show Nicholas Kausshen, 38, was spotted driving at reckless speeds going westbound on Diamond from Lacey around 6:00 p.m. An officer said he caught up with the car as it turned onto Crestline from Wabash. Court documents said as the officer tried to pull Kausshen over, he immediately started to elude.

Court records said the officer used a Starchase, which is an air launched GPS system that attaches to the suspect’s car, to track Kausshen. The suspect eventually came to a stop in the alley on North Lacey.

According to court documents, officers stopped the suspect in the alley and was taken into custody. Court documents said Kausshen confessed to trying to get away from police because of his felony warrants and wanting to be with his girlfriend.

Kausshen was booked into the Spokane County jail for attempting to elude a police vehicle and his previous warrant.