Newly filed court documents show the man accused of kidnapping and killing a Cheney marijuana shop employee has been found competent to stand trial.

Donovan Culps, 36, is suspected of killing Cameron Smith, a pot shop employee at Lucid in Cheney in September. He is facing charges for first degree murder and kidnapping, among other things.

According to court documents, staff found Culps demonstrates “the capacity to understand court proceedings and productively participate in his own defense.”

Officials said Culps was found to be methamphetamine dependent and has anti-social personality disorder.

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According to court documents, Culps also lacks the desire to mount a defense against the charges he faces and said he “wants justice to be done.” He said he wants the family of the victim to have closure, according to court documents.

Previously, the Cheney Police Department confirmed the FBI has detectives looking into the possibility Culps is responsible for another unsolved murder but could not elaborate.

Culps is being held at Spokane County Jail on $1 million bond.