SPOKANE, Wash --- Police are searching for a known felon who police said broke into an apartment in Browne’s Addition and caused several thousand dollars in damage.

Squatters can amaze people by how dirty they can make a space in a short amount of time. Once nice vacant homes turned into filth with graffiti, piles of garbage, bike chop shops and drug paraphernalia.

Spokane Police Officers showed us around the Browne’s Addition apartment where at least three people broke in and may have been living for about three weeks. In that span of time they destroyed the place.

There’s graffiti on the wall, remnants of drug paraphernalia, food stains and so many bugs and fruit flies you do not want to open your mouth when you walk through the bedroom.

The apartment was fully furnished and up for rent, but the landlord had to throw it all away. The carpet will have to be replaced and the walls need to be repainted too.

Another tenant in the building called the landlord after the TV in the common area was stolen. The landlord checked the vacant apartment and found three people inside. All three fled out the windows, two of them were arrested but Cody Burgess escaped.

Police said Burgess is known to frequent Browne’s Addition and was already wanted before this on a Department of Corrections warrant. His photo is actually on the Crime Stoppers website.

Burgess has a lengthy criminal history and this is not the first time he has jumped out of a window to evade capture.

If you have any information you are asked to call 509-456-2233.