SPOKANE, Wash. -- Plans to make more room for new schools in Spokane are headed into the next phase of review.

The Spokane Public School board has approved another study to be done on building a new sports stadium and do away with Joe Albi Stadium.

Spokane Public Schools leaders are looking for ways to address the need for new schools. Part of the solution could be a new smaller high school stadium that has about 7,000 seats. It would replace Joe Albi Stadium and that land would be used for a new middle school. The city has offered up its property, a parking lot near the intersection of Washington and Boone next to the Spokane Arena.

The school board has authorized the school to do a six to eight-week study on whether this location would even work. Essentially, they are going to update a study they conducted in 2013.

The 2013 study focused on what the school district should do with Joe Albi. The city did not want to maintain it anymore and it needed some serious upgrades.

It could be weeks before we find out the results of the study and what steps will be taken next.