SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Public Schools is minimizing time outside for students as heavy smoke continues to sit over the area.

The district kept children indoors Tuesday, and canceled outdoor practices. With just a few days into the school year, students were just getting into their routine and had to re-adjust again this week due to the smoke.

“We’re normally prepared later for rain days,” explained Christie Reilly, a teacher at Wilson Elementary. “We had to implement procedures a little earlier.”

“We really had to make sure we understand our medical plans,” she said. “Kids with asthma, lung issues, infections, we had to have their medical plans out and ready to go.”

Switching things up for the older students was not very difficult, but the younger kids had a lot to say.

“The only things I have to do is homework, going to my room, and movies. And I'm bored of movies,” explained Teddy, a first-grade student at Wilson.

SPS canceled all outdoor activities, so no recess or sports. Kids were kept inside until buses arrived.