SPOKANE, Wash --- The Spokatopia Outdoor Festival encourages people to try more outdoor activities, while helping local businesses expand their customer base.

Spokatopia has been called an outdoor lover’s dream and features rock climbing, road biking, paddle boarding and slack lining. Spokatopia is giving sporting enthusiasts and business owners room to cheer.

People could try out some outdoor activities, eat and listen music.

“Well a lot of people are on their phones and I think that it’s better to be outside and it’s really nice to be in God’s creation,” said Spokatopia participant, Amy Laywell.

Spokatopia not only gives people a chance to enjoy all mother nature has to offer, but it is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs like Jen Fehlman to expand their businesses. Fehlman owns Wanderlust Outfitters, a business that rents backpacks, camping and hiking gear in Sandpoint.

“We offer people the opportunity to get outside and try a sport, try a new adventure without having to go out and buy all the gear,” said Fehlman.

Fehlman said the chance to network with potential customers is essential.

“That’s something you just don’t get to do when you’re emailing or talking on the phone so this kind of thing is great to just meet other people in the community,” said Fehlman.

The crew from the Washington Trails Association also used Spokatopia to reach out to people.

“We have an excellent web presence but it’s not as interactive as being an event like this where if people have hesitation about getting outside they can ask questions maybe have some of those hears calmed or just get recommendations and have a chance to interact with another person,” said the Eastern Washington Regional Coordinator for Washington Trails, Holly Weiler.

This event is giving outdoor lovers a thrill, while at the same time helping local businesses and organizations thrive.

Check out the website here.