SPOKANE, Wash.—All of Spokane’s schools lunch debt has been erased thanks to the efforts of a determined Seattle man.

Jeff Lew is known for paying off Seattle’s schools lunch debt earlier this year. Lew did not stop there. He created GoFundMe campaigns to pay off debts for the Tacoma School District and the Renton School District, and now Spokane.

Lew said he saw the total debt for Spokane Public Schools was $1667.73 on June 2 and made it his goal to pay that debt.

The GoFundMe page has raised $3,423 on August 3. The goal does not end there. The campaign hopes to raise $3,500 to help pay off future students' lunch debt.

Reports said a large portion of the donation given to the campaigns by a Spokane native.

CEO of WestRiver Group, CEO of Topgolf and founder of America’s Foundation for Chess, Erik Anderson donated $1,503 to his hometown’s campaign.

Anderson had also donated significant amounts to other campaigns around the state.