SPOKANE, Wash.—A suspicious man allegedly attempted to lure a child into leaving the Walmart on Sprague with him Monday.

Spokane Valley Police officials said they responded to a call to the Walmart for a report that a suspicious man told a 10-year-old child she needed to leave with him.

Reports said the child immediately ran to a family adult in another aisle.

Deputies said they searched the Walmart and surrounding areas but were not able to find the suspect.

Spokane Valley Police officials said the child was not harmed or injured and, with the information she and other witnesses provided, Deputies believe they have possibly identified the male.

Deputies believe they now know who the man is and are looking into the case but say this is just another example of why it is so important to talk to your kids about safety.

"I can tell you from my personal experience, that we talk to our children all the time and talk to them about different things and, 'What would you do? Hey, what do you think?' Whether it's about safety or whether it's about other things. It's no different than the fire department doing a great job that they do coming around to schools and talking about what would you do in case of a fire? It's not there to scare them, it's there to get them to think," said Spokane County Deputy Mark Gregory.