SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – A man was arrested at the Spokane Valley Fred Meyer on Sunday after he tried to fight with deputies.

According to documents, witnesses told police a man was using vulgar language and charging at people at the grocery store. The man was later identified as 32-year-old Jonathan Mark Norris.

Deputies responded to the report and contacted Norris. According to court documents, Norris yelled “You’re going to have to chase and fight me to put me in handcuffs.”

Documents state Norris positioned himself in a fighting stance with both fists clenched.

One deputy attempted to arrest Norris for disorderly conduct. Norris was holding an energy drink can in his hand. Officials said he attempted to swing the can and use it as a blunt object to strike a deputy.

Deputies said Norris continued to try and flee. One deputy struck Norris twice and tried to take him into custody.

Documents state deputies and Norris went to the ground. Norris finally turned over and said, “Okay, I’m done, I don’t want to fight anymore.”

Norris was finally taken into custody and read his Miranda Rights. Norris was transported and booked into the Spokane County Jail for attempting to swing at a deputy with a blunt object, fighting with police after being under arrest and disorderly conduct.