SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – The City of Spokane Valley plans to crack down hard on nuisance properties.

Two ordinances that allows the city to do more will go before the city council Tuesday for review. One ordinance is for unfit dwellings meaning the home is not safe to live in. The second is for chronic nuisance properties.Those are the instances where neighbors see a spike in criminal activity and end up calling police numerous times on the same home.

Spokane Valley city leaders said they need more options to deal with both of these. In a nutshell, the unfit dwellings ordinance would allow Spokane Valley to recover costs from knocking down unsafe homes or cleaning them up. As it stands now, taxpayers are on the hook for most of the costs related to cleaning up those properties.

The nuisance ordinance would give the city more freedom to remove people from a chronic nuisance property and board up the home. This already happens in the City of Spokane.

Spokane Valley city leaders in the last year they boarded up two homes but said it does not happen very often.

“With the chronic nuisances especially, it will get at the root of the problem that the neighbors are experiencing, so instead of having to call the police over and over and over again, because the crimes continue, remove people from the property,” said Deputy City Attorney Erik Lamb.

The two ordinances will go before the Spokane Valley City Council Tuesday for review and public comment. Then they will vote on the ordinances on January 16.