SPOKANE, Wash.— A local trainer spent time both overseas, and in the states, working alongside amazing athletes and training many college competitors as well.

Tommy Boyer-Kendrick said values his past experience, but he said he has found something in Spokane that he didn't get during his time working with in the NBA or NFL.

Boyer-Kendrick has been a strength and conditioning trainer for 25 years.

Currently he works with young athletes at the MultiCare Rockwood Sports Performance Center in Spokane, but he used to work with the NBA and NFL alongside athletes like Shaquille O'Neal and Eli Manning.

"My first day standing around Shaq, 1993, he's 20 years old, kind of lean and fit Shaq version, and what do you do? There's no more power to build there," said Boyer-Kendrick.

He said he did what he could do: keeping the team assets healthy, and working on something as simple, but important as balance.

His job as a strength and conditioning coach is to minimize injury and increase power.

"I found out that this works, and prevents injuries and improves performance and I love it," he said.

WNBA player Briann January even worked with Boyer-Kendrick in Spokane after her ACL reconstruction surgery.

She then went on to win the WNBA Championship with the Fever in 2012.

Boyer-Kendrick said he remembered countless successful athletes he has trained, but said he loves where he is now.

"It's neat when you get to train a pro like a Shaq and a Steve Nash and those guys, what a privilege, what an honor, but I get to do so much more with these kids. I see massive improvement in just a month or two," said Boyer-Kendrick

"When those kids come in here with that look in there eye, you don't get that same look at the pro and college level, and it makes it, not to be emotional, kind of magical. They have big dreams and they are believing in those," said Boyer-Kendrick.

During his career, Boyer-Kendrick worked with the Phoenix Suns, the Orlando Magic and he has even worked overseas in Greece.

To find out more about the training at the MultiCare Rockwood Sports Performance Center, visit their website.