SPOKANE, Wash.—Local outdoor organizations are taking the first steps to formalize and create a trail that will bring more nature into the city of Spokane.

The Inland Northwest Trails Coalition along with the American Society of Landscape Architects-Washington Chapter explored the option of putting a trail and nature conservation in the Latah-Hangman Valley area.

Landscape architect, Nick Hamad said the proposed Latah-Hangman Trail was still in the first phase of development. He said ideas, designs and the public's opinion were still being taken into consideration.

Fianna Dickson with Spokane Parks and Recreation said that even though the survey was closed, people's input was still encouraged on the project.

An open house is scheduled for October 28, at St. John’s Lutheran Church to give the public a chance to weigh in.

The walk along Hangman Creek not only allows you to be with ghosts of the Columbia Mammoth, but giant salmon, red band trout, and the Native Americans, immigrants, and settlers who once called the valley home.

Hamad said while the formalization of a connection trail was a new idea, there were some ‘” illegal trails” or “goat trails” people were already using to walk around in the landscape.

“People are walking through the area anyway so we saw the need for a trail,” said Hamad.

Hamad said if the proposal passes it would still be years until a trail would be finished.