SPOKANE, Wash. – A teenager from Spokane filed a lawsuit against the makers and sellers of e-cigarettes after sustaining severe injuries when his e-cigarette battery exploded.

The lawsuit said back in August 2016, the 15-year-old charged his e-cigarette battery, took it off the charger and placed it in his right front pants pocket as a spare before heading to a friend’s house. According to the suit, the teenager vaped at his friend’s house. When he finished, he sat down on the couch with the spare battery still in his right front pants pocket. The suit claims that as he was sitting down, the battery exploded causing him to catch fire. He then reached into his pocket to get the battery away from his leg and tossed the battery on the ground. The suit states that the explosion caused second degree burns to his right thigh and right hand.

The lawsuit was filed by Seattle attorney James S. Rogers and Gregory Bentley, a national leader in defective e-cigarette cases. The attorneys say lithium ion batteries have an inherent risk of fire and explosion that dramatically increases when combined with an e-cigarette’s heating element and cylindrical shape.