SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- Spokane’s taxi community came together for a procession to remember a driver who was killed this week.

Gagandeep Singh picked up a passenger at Spokane’s airport and drove to Sandpoint, Idaho, where the murder occurred.

Police said the suspect was despondent after being rejected from attending Gonzaga University.

Days later, Singh’s death is still reverberating through the local taxi community.

One by one taxi drivers from around Spokane County paid their respects to the young man they called a brother.

“We all do the same thing. We might have a green car, we might have a blue car, we might have a white car. But we still do the same thing and we are a family,” said Spokane cab driver, Thomas Stecher.

Singh was 22 years old when he was found dead in his taxi this week.

Police said his passenger, Jacob Coleman, bought a knife at a local gas station and stabbed Singh to death.

"I think every cab driver feels unsafe probably many times in a week. It's like the third, fourth most dangerous job. You can't take a 7-11, go rob it, and move the 7-11. A cab, you tell where to go," said Spokane cab driver, Randy Heptner.

Singh had only been driving since December, but today he was laid to rest.

"You see this outpouring of affection for him and he's only been driving for a short time. This is the effect he's had on every cab driver here. It should let you know the type of individual he is," said longtime friend of Singh’s, M.J. Simms.

Dozens of local taxis participated in the procession, led by Spokane Police. They traveled from the Spokane Airport to Hennessey Funeral Home, where friends and family said goodbye.

"I really hope he's watching. I really do. The reason why we're here is awful, but at the same time I'm excited to see the support," said Orange cab driver, Julie Diltz.

All of the driver’s KREM spoke to Saturday said that despite them working for different cab companies, today was a day to honor one of their own.