SPOKANE, Wash. - Thanks to some local soccer players, homeless people in Spokane are just a little bit warmer.

Dozens of teenage players from the Spokane Shadow Soccer Team made hundreds of scarves, and then left them for the homeless at an iconic Spokane landmark. That landmark, none other than the statues of the Bloomsday runners.

Now, the scarves are bringing just a little bit of relief to the homeless of downtown Spokane. One man, named Ed, said it was the best surprise he had received in some time.

"Cloth and steel, what an opposite," Ed said. "It's like day and night."

Ed is homeless and has lived on the streets for over a year now. He said he was going on a routine walk by Riverfront Park when he noticed hundreds of the scares. Attached to each scarf was a note that read, "I'm not lost. If you are cold, I'm yours. I was made for you to take."

It was a random act of kindness, thanks to the help of dozens of local teenage soccer players.

"Just wanted to give something that was warm, something that was easy to make," explained Spokane Shadow Executive Director Patrice Cloutier.

As a community service project, the 15 and 16-year-old players met up earlier Thursday evening, made some 300 scarves, and then scattered them all over the runner statues in Riverfront Park. The players also left some scarves near the Division street exit.

It only took minutes for some of the scarves to end up in grateful hands.

"It was heartwarming to see that it was being used for what it was intended," Cloutier said.

An intention to not only keep folks like Ed warm, but to let them know that they too are loved.

"There's a lot of good people here and I've seen a lot of bad things happen, and yet I see a lot of good people that care," Ed said.

The Spokane Shadow said they do community service projects about once a month. In January, the team plans to volunteer at a soup kitchen.