SPOKANE, Wash. – The City of Spokane is cashing in on school zone violations after officials installed speed cameras near Finch Elementary and Longfellow Elementary last year.

The installation of the cameras has been so successful, nearly $550,000 in ticket revenue will soon fund more cameras and other crime-prevention tools.

The money will help the Spokane Police Department hire four additional neighborhood resource officers. Currently, the department has six officers that are solely dedicated to their designated neighborhoods; four officers are in North Spokane and two in the south end of the city. There are an additional nine officers downtown, but they take other calls out in the field when needed.

Other revenue will go to more school zone cameras. Spokane Public School officials said, although there have not been any recent issues, Stevens Elementary and Lincoln Heights Elementary are near major arterials with high traffic volumes. The City believes they can keep the area safe.

SPD officials said 95% of drivers who were ticketed by Spokane’s traffic cameras never faced another infraction again. Authorities said incidents in the areas near traffic cameras have dropped 50% as drivers focus on their speed and safety. Officials said this is proof that the system works and more cameras would be beneficial.