SPOKANE, Wash. --- While many people headed over to Facebook to talk about National Stop Bullying Day, some people said the community should be focused on that issue all year round.

The Spokane School District agrees that National Stop Bullying Day should not be confined to just one day.

The Spokane School District said they are not doing anything special for National Stop Bullying Day, because they said it is something they work on all year round.

“Actually we start on the first day of school for setting up a respectful environment, teaching kids how we treat each other,” said Elementary School Director, Brian Melody.

Starting the first day of school, the Spokane Public Schools said they try and set the tone that bullying will not be tolerated.

In the classroom, the district said they spend a lot of time teaching kids what bullying looks like, and what they should do if it happens.

“Part of the training is what bullying looks like, who a victim might be and who bystanders are and what their role could be in helping to prevent and also coming forward to when that kind of thing happens,” commented Melody.

The District said each school also holds an assembly at the beginning of the year or the principal of the school goes to each classroom to talk about bullying.

Counselors and staff are also trained in harassment intimidation and bullying policies.

By being proactive, the school district said they hope students feel more comfortable about speaking up if they are a victim of bullying, or if they witness it happening to someone else.

“One of the most important things to prevent kids feeling like they have been bullied or having conflict at school is to talk to an adult right away, as soon as it happens, the sooner we find out about it the sooner we can deal with it,” said Melody.