SPOKANE, Wash. – A repeat offender in Spokane has been sent back to jail just a few months after being released.

Trent Conley, 20, is accused of stealing multiple cars. He is an offender police continually spend time dealing with.

There are several offenders in Spokane we see over and over again on the jail roster. Conley was arrested last week and since then police have added even more charges.

It is a pattern of behavior no one seems to have a good answer for. Criminals who spend very little time in jail and re-offend as soon as they get out. This seems to be a cycle Trent Conley follows. In 2016, Conley was released from prison August 18 and placed on supervision with the Washington Department of Corrections. The next day on August 19, officials with the Department of Corrections said he failed to check in and a warrant was issued for his arrest. While he was missing, deputies said he racked up nine new possible charges. DOC officials said Conley was readmitted to a violator facility August 26 and released April 21 of this year.

Conley was arrested again on June 22 for multiple charges including attempt to elude, theft of a motor vehicle attempt and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. Then six days later, police learned of more vehicle thefts they said he and another person were responsible for. More charges were added to his list of crimes.

Spokane Police do have a chronic offender program and said it has helped people like Conley. They said more still needs to be done because it is cases like Conley's that have law enforcement asking when our justice system is going to change to better hold people accountable for property crimes.