SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl recently spoke with the New York Times in support of a policing program that dates back to the Obama administration.

Back in September, the Trump Administration announced it would scale back the program. The idea was to focus more on cracking down on violent crime, not regulating the police departments that fight it.

However, Chief Meidl told the New York Times the program had helped the Spokane Police Department. The article described problems that stemmed from within the police department six years ago. It named a case involving a Spokane Police officer convicted of beating to death a man with disabilities, who also tried to cover it up.

Spokane city leaders asked federal officials to suggest changes as part of the policing program.
Meidl told the New York Times that ever since then, use of force by officers has declined and so have complaints from residents.

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