SPOKANE, Wash. -- The city of Spokane is planting new trees at Riverfront Park.

After construction for updates to the park, including the ice ribbon, crews had to remove plants. The Spokane Parks and Recreation department said more plants will return.

Urban Forester Angel Spell said in order to preserve the park's canopy, two new trees will be planted to replace every one tree that could not be saved during construction. That is as many as 600 new trees.

If there is not enough room in the park, the trees will go to other parks. The department has not decided which parks will get those trees.

"Recently we had the ice ribbon open up and there is new landscaping with that project, new trees are being planted, new shrubs. With each project, the next will be the carousel, you will see the new plantings with each one," said Spell.

Construction for the revamping of Riverfront Park was based around the assessment of trees that were most significant in preserving. Spell said this was determined by the species, condition of the tree, its size and location.