SPOKANE, Wash. -- The Spokane City Council said it plans to add more traffic cameras in school zones.

Currently, there are several cameras near school zones in the city. One is on Nevada Street near Longfellow Elementary. The camera reported about 800 speeding violations between October and November this year.

There is another camera near Finch Elementary. That camera reported 270 violations during the same period.

The city council decided Monday night to use funds from those traffic violations strictly for school safety-related projects. The projects include things like new crosswalks, adding missing sidewalks on routes to schools, updating flashing crossing signs and hiring more traffic officers.

Council member Breean Beggs said where the two cameras are currently located, the number of repeat violations has gone down.

"This shows that people are learning to adapt and slowing down to at least six miles above the speed limit when kids are walking to and from school," said Beggs. "The street department did traffic study and it was like 80% of the drivers were going more than six miles over the speed limit at these locations, which is very dangerous. So we thought in order to increase safety we should put those cameras there."

At the request of Spokane Public Schools, three more cameras will be installed next year. Two will go up at the beginning of 2018 near Ridgeview Elementary and one near Willard in September.

Breean said there are no plans to install school zone traffic cameras at every Spokane school. He said hiring of additional traffic officers will help fill in the gaps.