SPOKANE, Wash. --- The Spokane Park Board will defer its approval of the renderings the Riverfront Park design team came up with this month.

The design team presented to the City Council as well as at a meeting with residents a Riverfront Park design that focused on an uncovered pavilion.

Keith Comes, from NAC Architecture, explained they are considering various options with the existing pavilion when he was questioned at the City Council meeting. Mayor Condon expressed his concern at the meeting then, arguing he had campaigned on a platform that involved covering the structure. City Council President Ben Stuckart issued a statement the day after the meeting, saying to not cover the pavilion was “unacceptable.”

As a result of some of the outcry, the board decided to delay their approval Thursday night.

“Nothing is going to be decided until September anyway,” Fianna Dickson from Spokane Parks said. “We’re still very much listening and taking feedback.”

Dickson said the designs are still preliminary and they are still open to ideas. She explained the board asked the design team to take a look at some specific areas, like increasing shade options beneath the pavilion and to flush out their pavilion lighting options.

Below is the presentation given to Spokane City Council by the design team.

Renderings of new Riverfront Park on Scribd