SPOKANE, Wash.—A proposed city ordinance in Spokane could soon make it easier with people with criminal convictions or arrest records to apply for jobs.

The advocacy group behind the movement, called “I Did the Time,” was started by a woman who spent seven years behind bars.

“I Did the Time” founder, Layne Pavey said the “ban the box” city council ordinance was the product of many year’s hard work.

Just the fact that they are willing to listen to us and you're how we have rehabilitated ourselves, we've learned from our mistakes, and they're willing to say you know what you have served your time, you deserve a chance at this,” said Pavey.

One man with a criminal history said that his criminal record did not define him, but did make it hard for him to follow his passion and become a chef.

Chris Pilant said the criminal history box on job applications keeps him from even getting a foot in the door.

"They'll see my credentials but they won't even look at, they won't even look at that if they see the check in the box,” said

Pilant said he had a mental illness that lead him to self-medicate and lead a life of crime.

Pilant said he has been out of prison for a year and was trying to make a living and move forward.