SPOKANE, Wash. – The medical examiner testified Thursday in the trial of a man accused of killing a 2-year-old Spokane girl.

Jason Obermiller is on trial for the murder of Adalynn Hoyt. The prosecution described the home she lived in as chaotic. Her mother, Lovina Rainey, let several people move into the home to help sell drugs and pay rent. One of those people was Jason Obermiller.

On Thursday, witnesses in the home and Spokane County Medical Examiner Dr. John Howard took the stand. Dr. Howard's testimony described how Adalynn died as we saw pictures of her bruised little body. There was an audible gasp in the courtroom when the first picture of the severe bruising was shown.

"One blow with the fist would not produce 10 separate bruises, there had to be more than one blow to the abdomen,” Dr. Howard said.

Dr. Howard testified that he found 64 separate bruises on her body. He said she was beat from head to toe with such force that the injuries are typically what he sees in car accident victims. When Adalynn died, she had a piece of pizza in her mouth she did not even have a chance to swallow.

“Stuck to the roof of her mouth, her pallet, just inside her teeth is a mass of food, so this indicates that she had taken a bite of food shortly before she died and it just stayed in her mouth,” Dr. Howard said.

The prosecution said Obermiller had pizza in his hand when he went into Adalynn's room that night.

The defense on the other hand said the timeline of events in this case is wrong and questioned the medical examiner about Adalynn's time of death. The defense believes Adalynn died after Obermiller was already out of the house. Dr. Howard said time of death cannot be determined like it is portrayed on television shows so he can only estimate a window of time when her death could have occurred.