SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- A local man jumped out of his second story window after his house caught fire.

“All I could see was black smoke and I could feel the heat from the fire…and I wasn’t going down those stairs,” said the man who jumped, Paul Ellery.

He was faced with a choice, face the fire, or face the jump.

“You see the situation and it’s really grim and bad…you do what you have to do to get out of the house to keep from burning to death,” said Ellery.

Ellery was in his upstairs bedroom when smoke filled the room. In seconds a difficult situation turned dire, and the stairs were not an option anymore.

“I didn’t know what was on the other end of that smoke and I wasn’t about to find out,” said Ellery.

He faced a dilemma, to jump or to burn. He made the choice to jump out of the window.

“That ground was very hard. When I hit it, I hit it hard…and jammed everything up,” said Ellery.

Ellery dropped 15 feet to the ground, where a police officer pulled him to safety as he watched his house go up in flames.

“I was glad everyone got out of there…if anyone was left, they wouldn’t have made it out,” said Ellery.

Four fractures later and Ellery is now homeless, his house is a total loss. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the proud musician.

He has decided not to dwell on that night, and he is just grateful to be alive.

“If you dwell on negativity…it’ll take you down, so I don’t,” said Ellery.