SPOKANE, Wash. – A Spokane man is in jail after police said he hit his girlfriend with a baseball bat 13 times.

This all happened Wednesday night when Jeremy Lindholm, 41, unexpectedly showed up to the business the woman worked at on Division. When police arrived, Lindholm had a baseball bat in his hand as he headed down an alley behind the business.

Linholm told police he and his girlfriend had been arguing all day at their home and he became enraged when she did not return with Kool Aid. When the victim went to get Kool Aid for Lindholm, she never returned. That is when court documents said Lindholm became enraged, went to find her at work, grabbed a bat and hit her several times. Officials said the attack was captured on surveillance video.

Daniel Graves was working when Lindholm allegedly attacked his co-worker with a baseball bat. It was his first day at 420 Novelty Lingerie. He said the victim tried to deescalate the situation when Lindholm came through the door but there was no stopping him.

"The guy grabbed a baseball bat and basically started beating her up with it. It kind of comes to the point of you never know what's going to end up happening and that you always have to be aware of your surroundings and be able to act quickly," said Graves.

Court documents said Lindholm and the victim have been dating for five years and living together for three. Graves said the incident hits close to home for him as he too has been a victim of domestic violence.

"I was living in Seattle, my partner of almost two years end up beating me up and taking baseball bat to my arm and stabbed my three times," Graves explained.

Court documents said Lindholm told police he did not intend to hurt the victim, but wanted police to shoot him in front of her. Police said Lindholm even admitted to punching the woman in the face. Spokane Police officials said the victim suffered no life threatening injuries.

In court Thursday, Lindholm showed no emotion when he made his first appearance in court. He is charged with attempted second degree murder and his bond was set at $100,000. The judge also issued Lindholm a no contact order with the victim.