SPOKANE, Wash. – The fun continued Saturday morning at the new Ice Ribbon at Riverfront Park. Spokane is now home to the first ice ribbon of its kind on the entire West Coast.

KREM wanted to figure out what many of you thought, and what worked and what didn’t. So we started with the wait to see how people felt about standing in line on Saturday.

“It went pretty smooth, we got here early and went in there and got checked in,” said Tyce Thorson, 9.

We also wanted to see what people thought about the amenities, “It’s got a nice place inside, you can chill out, there’s fire places, it’s nice and twisty and I think people would like it a lot,” said Logan Musser, 9.

Many had a lot to say about the layout of the ice.

“It’s not just, you go in circles and circles,” said Logan Musser, 9, “you’ve got zig zags.”

Some said they like it better than a traditional ice rink.

“It’s way better because at least you can actually turn more and just be way more active,” said Jason Baker of Spokane.

There were somewhat different opinions on the slight downhill portion of the ribbon.

“It’s fun but a little bit scary at the same time,” said hockey player, Vivian McDonnell, 10.

Others disagreed.

“It’s fun, it’s better than just skating on a flat rink,” said Baker.

Out of five stars, many of the people KREM talked to gave it all five stars, but one person gave it a four-and-a-half stars, saying it was a little too busy for her.