SPOKANE, Wash. – The Spokane Humane Society got its first shipment of dogs from shelters in Texas on Saturday morning.

Humane Society leaders said the 42 dogs were in shelters in Texas before Hurricane Harvey hit. The dogs left San Antonio on Thursday morning in an air conditioned trailer and crews drove day and night to get them safely to Spokane.

"So we had to stop every 4-6 hours, and let them out. We have to feed them, give them water," said Carlos Uresti Jr. with Amor Animal Transport.

The trailer did not go back to Texas empty. Instead it was filled with donations, that came in the last week, from around the Inland Northwest.

"Spokane never disappoints when there's a need. We tend to get bogged down with the bad things and all the terrible stuff going on but we sent out a newsletter and within a couple days we had $1,300 donated and dog food and dog beds," said Spokane Humane Society Development Director Pia Hallenberg.

Humane Society leaders said they will be processing the animals all weekend to make sure they are healthy and ready for adoption. On Sunday afternoon, one dog was adopted. They expect most of the animals to be ready for adoption by Wednesday.