SPOKANE, Wash --- The City of Spokane will receive a $5 million grant to continue to improve streets across Spokane. Mayor David Condon announced the City is also buying new equipment to fill potholes.

“We’re also buying two new pothole repair trailers that keep the asphalt hot and allow for better repairs, adding to the two similar pothole trucks we already have in our fleet,” Mayor Condon said.

Potholes have been a huge complaint after a rough winter. City officials said they have filled almost 4,100 potholes this year, but there are still more that need to be fixed.

City officials expect the two new pothole repair trailers to arrive by early September. They said the equipment can be used during the winter. Rain will still keep potholes from being permanently fixed during the winter no matter what equipment is used, according to city officials.

The street department said they will continue to fix major potholes, but will not have time to get to all of the smaller ones.

Starting next year, city officials plan to use the $5 million grant money to add five new grind and overlay projects across Spokane.

The mayor said these projects are in addition to projects already planned for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

The work will be done by private contractors, so it will not pull city crews from existing projects.

Officials hope it will make a big difference in keeping our streets safe and drivable.

The projects will include grind and overlay work on:

Maple and Ash streets from Rowan to Country Homes Boulevard.

Wellesley Avenue from Driscoll to Milton.

Nevada Street from Wellesley to Francis.

Mission Avenue from Greene to Trent.

Sprague Avenue from Scott to Ivory.