SPOKANE, Wash. -- Property Crime is an ongoing issue in the Spokane area.

On Friday, a woman was in court facing 27 charges that are related to property crime. Spokane County Sheriff Ozzie Knezovich said more needs to be done to hold property crime offenders like her accountable.

“It absolutely needs to happen because you know when somebody can walk away with this many charges and already have more charges before that, all we're doing is teaching people there's no accountability,” said Knezovich.

Amanda Patterson appeared in court Friday for a slew of charges. On top of the charges listed off in court, Patterson was already facing 17 other charges. With the 27 new charges added Friday, she's facing a grand total of 44 charges.

“We've seen worse, if you remember in 2012 we arrested and individual and I believe his count was almost 50 burglaries. That was in one arrest,” Knezovich said.

Court documents said Patterson admitted to stealing from numerous businesses. Property crime offenders typically do not spend a lot of time in jail because their crimes are considered nonviolent. Sheriff Knezovich thinks we need to change how we view property crimes.

“That's the biggest misnomer there is and that's the biggest falsehood that our electeds like to push and paint this picture of ‘Oh, it's just property crime.’ No, it's a crime. It's a crime of somebody breaking into your house rifling through your stuff and there are victims who never get over that,” Knezovich explained.

Patterson’s bond was set at a combined $28,000 for all of the charges.